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Taking Flight

“I’ll go.” I’ll leave.  It’s what I do. I am often praised for my ability to recognize when a situation is no longer working and having the so-called strength to leave. “Better to cut your losses,” they say. I left … Continue reading

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Joan and Peggy: Mad Men women under fire

It’s no secret I am riveted by every episode of this season’s Mad Men.  This week’s episode displayed some bold moves by the women of the cast (*spoiler alert*). Joan Joan essentially agreed to have sex in exchange for partnership … Continue reading

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Lost in Paradise

Hello there!  Oh how I’ve missed you my blogging friends!  I can say that with 100% sincerity, even though this was my view while I was gone. The view from our free super-duper upgrade room – huge perk of the … Continue reading

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What day is it? Tuesday?

It’s Valentines Day! While I loathe the holiday (but for the candy of course), I thought I would celebrate the day with two things I love — lists and my husband. Did you think I was going to say my … Continue reading

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