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Good Point, But Go Suck It: The Jet Lag Edition

I was so scarred from my first edition of I’m Right, You’re Wrong that it instantly became my last edition.  But what’s a girl to do when she has a disagreement on her hands and no where to vet the validity of … Continue reading

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong (the Mulligan edition)

Many of you have expressed you couldn’t get past the shock of my fake pregnancy announcement in my last post.  Many of you have mentioned that you were unable to read and/or digest the rest of my content because of … Continue reading

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An announcement AND a game! (I’m such a giver)

First off, the big news. I’M PREGNANT!!!! Me at 35 weeks (thanks Mom for the excellent genes!!!) Just kidding.  Seriously.  I mean seriously I’m just kidding. (pick your jaw up off the ground, it’s not a good look) Come on, … Continue reading

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