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The five ways I’ve ruined BlogHer ’12 before I’ve even arrived

If you don’t blog regularly (or at all) you might not know about the big BlogHer conference next week.  It’s a place where bloggers – famous and unknown – get together to meet in person to share ideas, cultivate business … Continue reading

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The games we play

We rode the train from Florence back to Venice in silence. It seemed like a really great idea, I consoled myself. Ian’s gaze was fixed somewhere out the window, out of our train car. This two-week trip to Europe was … Continue reading

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I’m here (and there) for you.

You guys know I am totally here for you.  My posts are as raw as your nursing nipples, as transparent as those mesh “underwear” they send you home from the hospital in, and as real as that streak of poop … Continue reading

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Aspiring mom-ager

Yesterday we had a long day of playing outside; running through sprinklers and swimming in the pool to beat the excruciating heat.  After bath time, Chloe sat on the couch in her diaper, sucking her thumb next to me.  I … Continue reading

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Ten years can change everything

Once I had a life. One where I had never even heard of the words Graco or Evenflo. I felt every bit of pain to my core, every bit of bliss to my toes.  I was free.  I was irresponsible. … Continue reading

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Naming the baby should be the very first perk you get for bearing the fruit of his loins

I can’t let it go. It’s been 3.4 years and I can’t let it go. I want to change my son’s middle name.  Last year I insisted it should be Jagger. Let me tell you, he’s got the moves to … Continue reading

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My meeting with Jennifer Weiner

Last night I attended Jennifer Weiner’s speaking engagement at my neighborhood Barnes & Noble. She was strikingly pretty, extremely witty and downright relatable. After the hour spent in her presence, I wanted to download everything in her brain and store … Continue reading

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