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How (not) to behave when out with friends

Gavin and I had a full social calendar this week, but it didn’t turn out well for either one of us.  Let’s review: 1.  Gavin The scene:  3-year-old birthday party. The main character: my generally junk food deprived 3-year-old child … Continue reading

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To know my son is to love my son (it gets better)

It took me a long time to get to love my baby boy.  Unlike some moms, I was not engulfed by feelings of love the minute he entered the world.  And not because he tried to kill me (I don’t … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, the bible confuses me too Kimmie.

Ugh. The novelty of the new apartment and new playgrounds has worn off and the kids are screaming for routine.  No one is sleeping, everything feels strange.  The heat is suffocating.  So I am stumbling through day by day, trying … Continue reading

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Novel idea (setting)

Last month I boldly declared myself a writer, so I thought I should get to some actual writing.  One particular idea has been lingering in my mind for a few years and I’ve been slowly fleshing it out since April. … Continue reading

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My Tasmanian Devil Baby

Daughter /ˈdôtər/.  Noun: a female offspring, known to produce excessive gray hairs and worry wrinkles, and inspire nightmares on a regular basis FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Yep, that’s my daughter. At the playground, she doesn’t seem to understand … Continue reading

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong (the Mulligan edition)

Many of you have expressed you couldn’t get past the shock of my fake pregnancy announcement in my last post.  Many of you have mentioned that you were unable to read and/or digest the rest of my content because of … Continue reading

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An announcement AND a game! (I’m such a giver)

First off, the big news. I’M PREGNANT!!!! Me at 35 weeks (thanks Mom for the excellent genes!!!) Just kidding.  Seriously.  I mean seriously I’m just kidding. (pick your jaw up off the ground, it’s not a good look) Come on, … Continue reading

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