About this blog.

Reading hundreds of other “mom blogs” made me cry, made me laugh, made me angry and gave me lots of thoughts about toilet humor.  Most importantly it inspired me to chronicle my own adventures, foibles, my ‘oh no’ and ‘aha’ moments, my victories and outright missteps as a mom.

And so this blog was created to share my tiny corner of the motherhood experience.  It’s not always pretty, it’s not always funny, but it’s what I got.  There are, however, two important differences between my real life and this blog I want to disclose.

1.  I might ramble.  At home, I don’t get a word in edgewise.  My kids and my husband monopolize every word and free second available during the day.  This blog is full of my  stolen moments and the words trapped in my head.  I figure, even if no one reads it, at least no one will interrupt me – a vast improvement from my daily life.

2.  Family is full of compromise.  This blog is not.  That means my kids have been given the names I wanted to give them, Gavin and Chloe.  No one here will tell me they once knew and hated a Gavin and that Chloe was some snotty girl in the 7th grade.  Or if I disagree, at least I don’t have to be married to you.

I hope you’ll stop by and stay awhile!

xo — Carinn

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