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Joan and Peggy: Mad Men women under fire

It’s no secret I am riveted by every episode of this season’s Mad Men.  This week’s episode displayed some bold moves by the women of the cast (*spoiler alert*). Joan Joan essentially agreed to have sex in exchange for partnership … Continue reading

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Is all of life an identity crisis? Or is it just me?

Now that I’m tanned, fed and no longer sleep deprived, I’m started to ponder some deeper questions.  Is 5’2 the maximum height Snooki’s baby can hope for?  Would Jen Garner have had a third if she had one of each … Continue reading

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My rose colored babies

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the fact that I just had a vacation away from the kids. Maybe it’s just May (yes, you know what that means). Whatever it is I have to tell you, my friends, I LOVE … Continue reading

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Lost in Paradise

Hello there!  Oh how I’ve missed you my blogging friends!  I can say that with 100% sincerity, even though this was my view while I was gone. The view from our free super-duper upgrade room – huge perk of the … Continue reading

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What kids want.

I recently caved and bought myself a pair of Tom’s shoes. I even splurged for the Vegan pair, made from hemp with recycled plastic for the sole. Cool, right? I had held out for a long time.  It just seemed … Continue reading

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Parenting me (part II of parenting upstream)

A few weeks ago many of you shared your experiences with what I called parenting upstream.  You know, my futile attempts to nurture against nature.   With each new visitor comment I had a new theory. Maybe all first-borns are … Continue reading

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Nevermind that noise, it’s just my ovaries whining.

Ladies (and the three men that are obligated to read this by marriage or blood) — listen up!  I am in desperate need of your help.   You see, it’s May! [you nod in confused agreement]. What’s so special about May?  … Continue reading

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