About me.

Carinn Jade is a former lawyer turned yoga teacher, freelance writer, and mom-on-demand.  Often funny, sorta crunchy, never judge-y mom to a three year old boy and one year old girl.  No topic is off-limits for an honest and respectful conversation.  Blogging about it all here.

Want to know more?

I was a poly sci and communications double major at Boston College.

I was a real estate finance lawyer in New York City and Los Angeles.

I was a yoga teacher at a prestigious yoga studio.

I was a small business owner failure.

I was Vice President at a high yield debt fund.

I traded in six figures for sticky fingers, dirty diapers and lots of crying.  Clearly I prefer to get paid nothing for doing everything.


-My post Games We Play was Freshly Pressed.  This is an honor granted to nineteen posts out of the one MILLION+ published per day.

-My feature on Mommyish – Winning, Penises & Girlfriends – What My Son Is Picking Up From Preschool (Not Charlie Sheen) inspired an entire segment on Huffington Post Live.  I was honored to participate in the intelligent, respectful, spirited debate of my piece.

-Three of my hilarious* posts were included in the blogging compilation by Life Well Blogged called No Laughing Allowed and can be found on Amazon**

*their word, not mine (though I wouldn’t disagree)  **I get no proceeds from the sale of this book, I recommend it only as a great read.

Other creative writing:

Car Trouble

Fight or Flight

We met on Identity Lane


I love a good birth story.  If you do too, here are mine.

First born disaster

Second born speed racer


Some of my fundamental jokes thoughts on being a mother:

The truth about what happens in the bathroom after children

Stupid Effing Hope…

This ain’t the Boyscouts, you will be prepared for nothing.

Am I parenting upstream?

What to expect when you’re expecting: more panic attacks

Boobs and periods: it’s like 13 all over again.

Naming the baby should be the very first perk you get for bearing the fruit of his loins

I’m not like other moms (are you?)

Teaching your children the difference between a need and a want

On a normal bad day, I feed my kids pizza for breakfast.

9 Responses to About me.

  1. … and a heck of a writer.

  2. I love your about me, Hi I’m kay x

  3. coffeewithwhitney says:

    ha! this cracks me up! I’m a new follower and can already tell I’m gonna love your blog! By the way, I totally understand trading that job for sticky fingers and nasty diapers – isn’t it lovely?!

  4. narcissista1 says:

    Hi there – I just nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award.
    If you want to accept it, click below for details.

    No worries if you’re not into the award thang:)


  5. Kara d. says:

    Great blog! Makes me that little bit saner to know there are other similar mothers out there! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. http://whereismybeach.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/83/
    Whether you play along or not take it as a compliment, you deserve it!

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