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More Truths About Pregnancy

Recently a couple of celebrities have been talking about the not-so-wonderful aspects of pregnancy. And it made me want to puke. I know – that’s so shocking coming from me – the woman who reveals way too much about her … Continue reading

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The ‘Pre-Baby Body’ Does Not Exist, Let’s Just Be Honest (And A Little Gross)

You know how real I like to be, right?  Well, I’m going there again my friends.  The post-baby body.  If you didn’t get enough from my boobs and period post, I am breaking down my own post-baby body from chest to hoo-ha … Continue reading

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I wanted a daughter so that must make me, my mother and my baby three generations of 1950s housewives

Gender selection is not a new concept.  There are old wives tales that date back to the beginning of time and span all countries from the Far East to the West.  From sexual positions and dietary considerations to consulting the … Continue reading

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Nevermind that noise, it’s just my ovaries whining.

Ladies (and the three men that are obligated to read this by marriage or blood) — listen up!  I am in desperate need of your help.   You see, it’s May! [you nod in confused agreement]. What’s so special about May?  … Continue reading

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WTTM Jessica Simpson!

Jessica Simpson gave birth to daughter Max Johnson earlier this… What? She’s still pregnant?  Are you kidding me? I’ve said it here before pregnancy is a long road. But Jessica really proves it.  Let’s recap the past 10 months:   … Continue reading

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Beautiful boy (Darling boy)

I was on the fence about posting my son’s birth story.  It’s not as fast-paced or sweet as my daughter’s.  In fact, all 16 hours were entirely uneventful as far as labor goes.  Textbook delivery. It was after he was … Continue reading

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This ain’t the Boy Scouts. You will be prepared for nothing.

I just overheard this conversation: Man 1: are you going to Florida with the guys next weekend? Man 2: (regretfully) No.  My wife is very pregnant and I am trying to limit the number of nights out of the house. … Continue reading

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