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WTTM Jennifer Garner!

Today I had two posts in mind — it was going to be either Gavin’s birth story or the harrowing results of his preschool admissions process.  Those will have to wait. Last night I received the wonderful news (ok, not … Continue reading

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Party on Dude!

Aside from the day my children were born, yesterday was the most amazing day of my life.  Gavin’s first real birthday party. I want to tell you all how wonderful it was, I want to transport you to the festivities, … Continue reading

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Heated arguments, drug pushers, soulmates finding each other. No, it’s not a show on the CW. It’s your birth story.

Dear baby girl, You were born on a Saturday but your story begins on a Wednesday.  Your brother came down with an ugly stomach virus.  He threw up all night long.  Every hour, I nursed him to health one tablespoon … Continue reading

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This ain’t the Boy Scouts. You will be prepared for nothing.

I just overheard this conversation: Man 1: are you going to Florida with the guys next weekend? Man 2: (regretfully) No.  My wife is very pregnant and I am trying to limit the number of nights out of the house. … Continue reading

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What day is it? Tuesday?

It’s Valentines Day! While I loathe the holiday (but for the candy of course), I thought I would celebrate the day with two things I love — lists and my husband. Did you think I was going to say my … Continue reading

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Are they sick? Are they French? Or are they just sick of the French?

Yesterday, Ian and I watched not one but two movies without interruption while the kids played by themselves for hours and slept through the night. I thought they were sick but maybe they are just French. In any event, these … Continue reading

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Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t lose. (my first wordless Wednesday)

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