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My Tasmanian Devil Baby

Daughter /ˈdôtər/.  Noun: a female offspring, known to produce excessive gray hairs and worry wrinkles, and inspire nightmares on a regular basis FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Yep, that’s my daughter. At the playground, she doesn’t seem to understand … Continue reading

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Three going on thirty (or how many gray hairs my kids give me daily)

Three might be the best age ever.  Gavin can be trusted to do so much on his own.  He climbs the steep subway steps all by himself.  He walks the sidewalks in front of me, but waits without fail at … Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Carinn and I am a writer

On occasion I look at my kids and wonder what careers they might enjoy (looking for ideas maybe?). Will he be the singer in a rock band? I am already beginning to rehearse my pearl of wisdom when they ask … Continue reading

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Parenting upstream

When Gavin was born, my ass was quickly kicked by Motherhood.  Breastfeeding gave me the one, two punch.  Attempt to implement a schedule?  Uppercut.  Colic was the roundhouse kick to the face, just for good measure.  I waved my white … Continue reading

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