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WTTM Giuliana Rancic

Late last night when the news that the Rancic’s surrogate was in labor, I breathed a big sigh of relief.  Finally, a celebrity mother I could stomach! This week has been full of some pretty grim “famous” baby “news”. Holly … Continue reading

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Go out of town, get rewarded with angel children

Some of you who know me or follow me on Twitter might have heard me complaining about Ian being out-of-town on business last week.  I complained a lot.  The kids seemed to sense that something was up and they acted … Continue reading

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Car troubles: a piece of fiction

Sabrina said goodbye the way you would when you were off to the market to pick up milk and eggs.  Casual.  Nothing in her voice, her wave, her turning the ignition on the ’99 Saturn suggested that she would never … Continue reading

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The truth about “no bathroom privacy”: what really happens in the bathroom once you have kids

Everyone warns you that you won’t have any privacy in the bathroom once you have children, but no one talks about what that actually means.  Some of you expectant mothers might envision a door semi-ajar as you leave your angels … Continue reading

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Speed Crazy

Gavin’s whims come and go with each sunset.  Last week he wanted strawberries for every meal.  This week he’s appalled if I even suggest them for a snack.  Yesterday, his orange Crocs were the only shoes his feet would accept. … Continue reading

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At Home: the first SAHM weeks after working-mom life

As a stay-at-home mom, the days can be tedious and repetitive.  There’s the morning “activity period”, naptime for one of my kids and “quiet time” for the other, an evening “activity period”, dinnertime and bedtime.  Every day.  Motherhood can feel … Continue reading

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Effing hope…

There’s a meme making the internet rounds that has given so many HOPE.  I’ve read many posts revealing a mother’s deepest wishes for their children and thought-provoking posts about identity in the confusing time of new motherhood.  They are heartwarming … Continue reading

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