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My Kids Will Have To Figure Out How To Pretend Shoot Themselves Without Guns

I don’t remember having toy guns when I was little but I don’t remember them being forbidden either.  I like to think my brother and I were smart enough to realize we had no use for them.  More likely, my … Continue reading

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The ‘Pre-Baby Body’ Does Not Exist, Let’s Just Be Honest (And A Little Gross)

You know how real I like to be, right?  Well, I’m going there again my friends.  The post-baby body.  If you didn’t get enough from my boobs and period post, I am breaking down my own post-baby body from chest to hoo-ha … Continue reading

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Oh No, I’m Not Telling A Toddler My Age!

So I might be over-thinking it a bit because I’ve got a lot of reasons to justify my position.  But the simple truth is, there is no way I am telling my 3-year-old son my age! Read more of my … Continue reading

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Three Things The Second Child Gets To Do First

People are always complaining on behalf of the second child.  The first child gets the most time, love and attention.  I’m guilty of it too.  I imagine there will come a time when my oldest won’t need me to do … Continue reading

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Bad mommy is a theme in my life, even after a fun and exciting day

This weekend our family made the best of what would turn out to be the one and only fall day this year by visiting a pumpkin patch.  Gavin jumped from bales of hay while our little C gathered mini-pumpkins in … Continue reading

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