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Boobs and periods – it’s like 13 all over again

I said I was going to be real on this blog but this may be more real than anyone is interested in.  Feel free to click away from this page. If you are still reading, I warned you. Help! I’m … Continue reading

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Birthday hangover

Friday was my 30-something-th birthday!  To read all about it, click here.  But if you are ready to move on, I warn you, I am feeling a little slow. The first sign that you’re old — you are worn out … Continue reading

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If you are free tonight, God, I have a favor to ask

Dear god: I am so very sorry for laughing at moms who told tales of children over a year not sleeping through the night.  Please ask your fiery torture administrator (aka my daughter) to back off.  She not only doesn’t … Continue reading

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What I lost during March Madness

Today is the first (real) day of March Madness.  Oh, how my former self LOVED March Madness.  The gluttony of competition.  The plethora of hope.  Rooting for the underdogs.  Keeping score, talking smack, spending your day at a sports bar. … Continue reading

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Flapjack Redemption

I love pancakes.  Light, fluffy, buttery pancakes.  Buttermilk.  Multi-grain.  Stuffed with berries or bananas.  Definitely chocolate chips.  When I was pregnant with Gavin I ate them for every single meal during my first trimester.  Sadly they were all delivered from … Continue reading

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the book thief (wordless wednesday)

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Beautiful boy (Darling boy)

I was on the fence about posting my son’s birth story.  It’s not as fast-paced or sweet as my daughter’s.  In fact, all 16 hours were entirely uneventful as far as labor goes.  Textbook delivery. It was after he was … Continue reading

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