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Crunchy Mom Prevails

Remember how happy I was that my son was SO not a spoiled little brat around Christmas time?  Two months later, he apparently outgrew that wide-eyed wonder as evidenced by an event I’ll call “birthday party-gate 2013.”  He opened all … Continue reading

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The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

Yesterday Outlaw Mama celebrated her first blog anniversary or “blogiversary.”   When I read her witty words, I was all “awwwww, I never took the time to remind you that I had been on the world wide interwebs for a … Continue reading

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Birthday hangover

Friday was my 30-something-th birthday!  To read all about it, click here.  But if you are ready to move on, I warn you, I am feeling a little slow. The first sign that you’re old — you are worn out … Continue reading

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Party on Dude!

Aside from the day my children were born, yesterday was the most amazing day of my life.  Gavin’s first real birthday party. I want to tell you all how wonderful it was, I want to transport you to the festivities, … Continue reading

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Are they sick? Are they French? Or are they just sick of the French?

Yesterday, Ian and I watched not one but two movies without interruption while the kids played by themselves for hours and slept through the night. I thought they were sick but maybe they are just French. In any event, these … Continue reading

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