To Procreate Or Not (I’m sure that’s appropriate to ask the general public)

I know the last thing you probably want to read is another post from a woman nearing the ridiculously determined “advanced maternal age” crying about wanting more babies, and if that’s the case you should probably turn away now.  Because WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!  I have me some baby fever.

It started last weekend when Ian had a fancy business trip that I crashed.  Despite traveling 3000 miles for 48 hours, I had a great time.  My kids were home safe and sound with their grandparents and Ian and I enjoyed ourselves.  What’s two glorious well-rested nights away from your own kids likely to do?  Make you want some more.

Time away from your kids may also make you get a little tipsy and run for the position of Karaoke Queen, but that isn’t part of this story.

I romanticize every stage from pregnancy to first foods to walking and talking.  I completely ​forget about the sleep deprivation and the hazy first year, and lament how it all goes so fast.  When I first raised this with Ian, he mentioned I might just be hungry (low blood sugar does make me loopy) so we went to In ‘N Out Burger and never discussed my need for two additional children again that weekend.

Less than a week later the feeling is creeping up again.  I was holding a friend’s five-week-old baby, cradling and rocking her in one arm while I poured juice and gave out snacks with my other.  I felt like a mommy machine (in case you aren’t sure, that was a good thing).  Suddenly I didn’t care at all about waking up every 3 hours for months on end, I simply wanted to procreate.  Twice.  Because I have a weird thing with odd numbers.  And I haven’t yet decided if twins would be the perfect package or too much, but I’m willing to roll the dice.  They even have names: Sloane and Grayson.

Ian, who prefers such superficial things as sleep, money, and freedom, is not on board with this baby train.  He enjoys pointing out that since we have a son and a daughter and they don’t make any other kind, it’s nature’s way of saying “you’ve got all I have to give.”  But I don’t care.  It’s biological, this need to procreate, and I swear it multiplies with each child.  One friend who made the wise choice to stop at two suggested I go out and buy myself a fabulous new purse to cure my baby fever.  It sounds like a really great idea, but I’m worried I would buy the purse and still want more kids and then I’d have to figure out how to use the purse as a sling because I will have spent our budgeted baby gear money on a chic new hobo style bag.  Might as well skip it and go straight to procreating.  I’m all about efficiency.

Even waking up at 5am didn’t convince me to rethink my position. Instead they both jumped in the bed and hugged and kissed each other and it only made me want more.

About Carinn Jade

Mother, lawyer, yogi, writer, non-sleeper. Published @NYTMotherlode. Contributor @Mommyish @Moonfrye @HuffPostLive. I like beer (not wine) & tea (not coffee) & being a contrarian.
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6 Responses to To Procreate Or Not (I’m sure that’s appropriate to ask the general public)

  1. Having kids is like quicksand; Once you’re in you’re not getting out. While occasionally suffocating, it – unlike actual quicksand – is truly the most joy a person can experience. Happy babymaking!

  2. Gah! I want another one, too! Is it just that time of year? What is going on? Haha Sleep is awesome, but those faces? You just can’t beat ’em.

  3. I totally want three. I’ve mentioned it casually to David just to start getting him used to the idea, but I’m not sure he’s on board yet. And secretly? I want four – another baby, and then twins. What the hell is wrong with us?

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