An announcement AND a game! (I’m such a giver)

First off, the big news.


Me at 35 weeks (thanks Mom for the excellent genes!!!)

Just kidding.  Seriously.  I mean seriously I’m just kidding.

(pick your jaw up off the ground, it’s not a good look)

Come on, that’s what everyone thinks when a married woman of child-bearing years says she has an announcement.  I had to go for the easy target.

The real announcement is WE MOVED! Only in NYC can you move 3.6 miles and have it feel like a different country.

We’ve discussed this before, but just to recap:  my husband hates change and I love it.  I’m like fast paced, always present, cheap thrill-seeking Twitter while he is ever-mourning, we-had-it-so-good-for-awhile, why-did-you-have-to-go-and-find-something-better? MySpace.

I think of moving like an adventure: every new playground, restaurant and street vendor has the potential excitement of Christmas morning.

He thinks of it as a chapter ending: tearful goodbyes, never agains and remember whens.

To be fair, moving isn’t all fun and roses.  We can both agree on these ten tortures.

Top 10 Worst Things About Moving:

1.  Packing

2.  Unpacking

3.  Getting lost in your own neighborhood

4.  Nearly dying from starvation because you don’t know where to find the good restaurants

5.  Brushing your teeth with your finger because you can’t find your toothbrush

6. Brushing your hair with your fingers because you can’t find your hairbrush

7. Putting your 3-year-old to bed in your daughter’s size 3 diaper because you can’t find his pull-ups

8.  Vowing to wash every single glass and plate before you eat because who knows what those packing boxes and paper are made of or where they came from

9.  The failure of giving up said project after 4 dishes because you can’t find the Cascade.  And the guilt of abandoning something you really believed in

10.  The reason I had no internet for TWO WHOLE days (yes, I survived, and yes, please send chocolate to soothe the pain).

Need I say more?

Alas, I promised you an announcement and a game.  Because that’s just the kind of value gal I am – giving you more in your blog reading experiences.

Without further ado, welcome to my very first edition of “I’m Right, You’re Wrong” inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Marinka.

Here are the quick rules: I’m Right, You are Wrong.

In today’s example the part of “You” will be played by my otherwise awesome brother (yes, I have two.  Bonus points to the friends and family who correctly identify which one).

Behold the following dialogue*:

Me:  I know you have been faithfully reading my blog, dear brother.  Your support means the world to me.

You:  Hey, I think I inspired** one of your recent posts.  When I sent you that article about kid music?

Me: That’s right, you did!

You: Way to rip-off** my idea.

*This dialogue may be generally exaggerated.

**with the exception of these words, which were the EXACT words he used.

From the name of the game, we already know my position on who is right and who is wrong, but I want to hear from you too.

Position #1:  It is ludicrous to claim sending an article as “your idea” and rude to call someone a “rip-off”.

Position #2:  It is perfectly acceptable to ask someone if you inspired them and then when they answer in the affirmative, call them a RIP-OFF.   You are like a thought-stealing detective, pre-crime division.

What do you think???

About Carinn Jade

Mother, lawyer, yogi, writer, non-sleeper. Published @NYTMotherlode. Contributor @Mommyish @Moonfrye @HuffPostLive. I like beer (not wine) & tea (not coffee) & being a contrarian.
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3 Responses to An announcement AND a game! (I’m such a giver)

  1. congratulations! good luck with the move.
    As the title goes: You’re Right! position 1

  2. Leslie says:

    You brave, brave soul. Moving. With kids. But how exciting!! And. You’re right. And. I’ve had this argument before with my hubby, so I doubly know you’re right. 😉

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